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It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the sound I heard when I was 9 and my father slammed the front door so hard behind him I swear to god it shook the whole house. For the next 3 years I watched my mother break her teeth on vodka bottles. I think she stopped breathing when he left. I think part of her died. I think he took her heart with him when he walked out. Her chest is empty, just a shattered mess or cracked ribs and depression pills.

It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s all the blood in the sink. It’s the night that I spent 12 hours in the emergency room waiting to see if my sister was going to be okay, after the boy she loved, told her he didn’t love her anymore. It’s the crying, and the fluorescent lights, and white sneakers and pale faces and shaky breaths and blood. So much blood.

It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the time that I had to stay up for two days straight with my best friend while she cried and shrieked and threw up on my bedroom floor because her boyfriend fucked his ex. I swear to god she still has tear streaks stained onto her cheeks. I think when you love someone, it never really goes away.

It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the six weeks we had a substitute in English because our teacher was getting divorced and couldn’t handle getting out of bed. When she came back was smiling. But her hands shook so hard when she held her coffee, you could see that something was broken inside. And sometimes when things break, you can’t fix them. Nothing ever goes back to how it was. I got an A in English that year. I think her head was always spinning too hard to read any essays.

It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s that I do.

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don’t talk to boys who aren’t nice to their mothers

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No apologies every need to be made
I know you better than you fake it

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Beverly Hills - Weezer

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the best scene


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“i don’t trust anyone anymore” says the 13 year old girl who got in an argument with her friend one time

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Before You Start Your Day // twenty one pilots

Open the slits in your face and start your day
You don’t have much time to make your slits look just right

Look in the mirror and ask your soul if you’re alright
Put out the glitter that your soul hides behind

Nowhere were they holy
Open up your eyes and see
The clouds above will hold you
The clouds above will sing

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voltage running through her skin
standing there with nothing on

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You remember that song 1985 by bowling for soup

That’s going to be me in 20 years except it’s going to be called 2005

Good Charlotte, Gorillaz
Way before Ed Sheeran
There was Paramore and P!ATD
And Pimp My Ride on mtv

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when im dead sext me through a ouija board

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